Graceful, Feminine & Fun Meet The Cancerian - Katrina Kaif

Kat creates quite a flutter with her presence. Almost everyone is in love with her peaceful, charming aura. A true health enthusiast at heart reckoned as one of the most athletic female actors in Bollywood. Katrina has been an inspiration to many when it comes to her discipline in fitness, beauty, dedication and lifestyle. While she has had her set of struggles, Katrina has been a successful case study herself as an ace performer with her stellar performances. Our Indian origin beauty - Katrina Kaif opens up about her fitness secrets, makeup tips and her diet in a candid conversation. She believes in inspiring people to make fitness a choice, rather than a need.

Every athlete need not be a dancer - but every dancer has to be athletic and flexible - you definitely prove the statement true! What is your secret?

As an actor, one should instinctively take care of their health, well-being, and fitness. Flexibility plays a vital role in dancing and our overall health. You will really struggle if flexibility is not a focus. The level of fitness is crucial for an actor, as our work intensity requires a certain level of stamina.
When it comes to health in general, do things you enjoy - yoga, cross-fit or functional training, as long as you are doing something you enjoy! Pick any form of workout you want, but make sure you are active.

Do you like going to the gym?

I enjoy going to the gym occasionally. When you get lazy and don’t want to go, you have to drag yourself. This is where discipline kicks in. Discipline, discipline, discipline! It is a big part of anything to do with dance, sport, health & fitness

What is your diet like, when your role demands you to look fit & fab on screen and when you are on holiday?

My diet plan leaves no stone unturned and keeps me looking fit and fab on-screen and off-screen. It feels good to be fit, and that’s what makes me follow a disciplined diet plan. When I am trying to prepare for a particular role, it’s quite simple.
I avoid refined sugar, dairy and any wheat. If you manage these three things efficiently, then your food groups automatically fall in place. Rice is ok, as long as you don’t have too many grains in your diet. Moderation is key.
I eat whatever’s available when I’m on holiday. If you’re in a place where they have croissants for breakfast, then you might as well indulge in one. I also try and have one meal - which I really enjoy indulging in. The key is not to go overboard.

What is your cheat meal, and what is the comfort food that’s cooked at home?

My guilty pleasure is cheese dosa! I can keep eating them.

Its birthday month - what’s your plan? Do you make resolutions! If so, what is Katrina going to do differently this year?

I don’t make resolutions. I feel resolutions are actions depending on how I want to live my life. Therefore, I don’t have resolutions but follow a principled lifestyle.

What is your secret before a big event?

To look chiselled
My secret is to avoid too much salt. I include a bit of cardio, as it keeps me fresh and energised throughout the day.

Makeup Tips

I think makeup is something personal. You need to see what features you want to enhance, and which features you like to play-up. For me, I like to play-up my skin and my eyes the most. So, a little shine on the cheeks and a little bit of glow is always lovely. Do up your brows a little bit to enhance your eyes and finish the look with a nice nude lipstick. This trick usually works for me!

Fitness Routine
For me what’s worked out very well is ‘Plyometrics’. It’s quite similar to functional training that focuses on different muscles and improves speed and strength. It’s exciting to tone the entire body with plyometrics because it never gets boring. There’s something new about it every time because it involves using your own body weight and making it work for you. Another favourite choice is Tabata training. Four exercises, 30 seconds each and repeating them, making it a 4-minute exercise, it’s an instant energiser.
Kat’s Workout Plan

  • 3 Days Weight-training
  • 3 Days Cardio

It’s not about aesthetics, it’s more to do with the fact that being fit helps to function better as a person. I’ve actually tuned myself with the thought that “fitness is the basic ingredient in the recipe of healthy life”. But, make sure you do what you enjoy to stay active!

It is a well-known fact that Cancerians have mood swings, does Katrina have mood swings, and if so - how do you deal with it?

Yeah, but I think as you get in more control of yourself, you’re more weary of your mood swings. They say Cancerians are controlled by the ‘Moon’ as they are a water sign; that’s what I have read about horoscopes and signs. I’ve learnt to deal with my mood swings.

Are you an insomniac or do you sleep like a baby? Please share your tips on getting a restful night’s sleep.

I love to sleep & I sleep well.
My Tips Include: Avoid blue light exposure two hours before sleeping. The blue light - whether it’s your phone - any digital gadget with light. The action of scrolling and making images move fast disrupts our sleep pattern. I am amazed at how people can shop online, be on social media platforms and still experience a sound sleep! And, also no caffeine after 4:00 pm.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner. What do you eat daily?

My diet depends on what I want to achieve. So, whether it’s about the toned, athletic physique that I want, or if it’s a role that needs me to look thin, or just normal which does not require too much of definition, I change my diet plan accordingly. I don’t follow a specific diet plan, but I strictly say no to sugary, gluten and dairy foods. I eat more proteins, fibre and healthy fats in my food. So, you can say I eat smart, and I switch my diet when I’m looking for a change.

Breakfast Eggs & Sweet potato
Lunch Neer dosa & Vegetable curry (Indian style)
Dinner Chicken & Soup