About Us

Apollo Life is a commendable breakthrough of Mrs Upasana Konidela combining forces with the pioneers in health care - Apollo Hospitals Group. Our journey of health and wellness is fueled by Science & Medicinal Research. We exist to refine health and longevity, by spreading consciousness on nutrition, fitness, wellness, preventive healthcare and environmental issues, all over India. We also provide real-time access to health-related content and products, backed by decades of research conducted by subject matter experts and trusted industry specialists.

Apollo Life Fitness Studio

Apollo Life Fitness Studio is a state-of-the-art health and wellness solution provider, initiated by Apollo Hospitals Group. Our culture is to create a balanced harmony in everyday fitness, by incorporating a unique approach through holistic health and latest gym practices. Our certified fitness trainers combine practical knowledge, body science and robust equipment to assist our gym goers to reach their health goals. We are all about cultivating personal growth, health and living a disciplined lifestyle.
Our Amenities
● Latest gym equipment
● Certified trainers
● Zumba
● Aerobics
● Pilates
The Apollo Life Studio is a luxe wellness oasis, combining sleek modern design, lavish amenities, state-of-the-art equipment and personalized wellness programs. At Apollo Life Gym we ensure to enhance your fitness experience and encourage you to live a holistic healthy life.
The Apollo Life Corporate Wellness Programs are an end-to-end initiative with constant facilitation in enhancing wellness and overall productivity of each corporate. At our Physiotherapy and Rehab Centre, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you get back to a normal life after suffering from acute, chronic or recurring pain, health conditions or injuries.
From offering you comprehensive hair care services and treating those neglected feet of yours, to helping you get the right look for that office party or wedding, we do it all and more at Chandra Spa.

Ask Apollo

Ask Apollo is Asia’s most advanced healthcare network, which connects doctors and patients across PAN India. Ask Apollo has been commenced to create a patient-centric service platform, providing our patients with the liberty to consult a doctor, and avail other value-added services at their comfort. We know health plays an intrinsic role in the development of nations, and we have implemented a number of protocols that address and identify people’s health needs. Our robust platform also provides virtual consultation services from Apollo Hospitals, by connecting billions of patients with doctors. Ask Apollo brings you health solutions that provide you with greater accessibility to cater to all your healthcare needs.
Our Services
● Appointment Scheduler
● Virtual Consult Services
● Appointment Booking
● Complete Health Checks
● Diagnostic Services


BPositive is a nationwide health and lifestyle magazine, and the brainchild of Mrs Upasana Konidela. The interiority of BPositive administrates the importance of perfect alignment and absolute health by leading a wholesome life. We address current and prospective health concerns across PAN India. We endeavour to redefine credible and current content on Health, Lifestyle & Wellness, scripted exclusively by medical experts, trusted industry experts and lifestyle gurus. BPositive’s core is built on providing cultured and relevant content in nutrition, fitness, beauty and more,to the masses using online and offline channels.
Be Informed! Be Healthy! Be Fit! BPositive!

Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy is Asia's largest pharmacy network initiated by Apollo Hospitals Group. Our existence originates from years of medicinal research, use of robust technology and decades of experience. Our preeminent pharmacies stock over 5,000+ premium health and wellness products in 3,000+ locations across PAN India and on our website www.apollopharmacy.in. Our extensive range of products includes; Apollo Life Brand Products, Holland & Barrett International, OTC, FMCG and more.
Services & Accolades
● 24/7 assistance
● Accredited with International Healthcare Standards
● Access to order medicines online in 3 clicks on www.apollopharmacy.in
● 5,000+premium products, OTC, FMCG & Apollo Life Products


FHPL provides seamless access to premium healthcare services offered to the masses. Our organisation endeavours on making healthcare accessible through our customised health insurance plans. FHPL combines its health insurance expertise and robust technology to provide only the best for families, corporates and much more.
Our firm is ambitiously driven to fine-tune the countless health needs of the nation. Our robust IT platform administrates real-time access to consumers' across-the-globe. We take pride in our remarkable growth of a whopping 33 Million members and still counting.
Our Facilities
● 24/7 Customer Assistance
● E-card Registration
● Robust IT Platform
● Network Hospital List
● FHPL Mobile Sparrow
● Value Added Services & Wellness Activities
● Health Claims