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 About Apollo PRISM


Apollo Prism is a patient-controlled Personal Health Record with which the user can import and manage health records created during various doctor visits.

Patients can access their online health record and medical reports anytime and anywhere by registering with Apollo PRISM on
If you wish to avail yourself of this easy access to your secure and updated medical reports no matter where you go, you will need to:

  • Create your own Apollo PRISM account, and get yourself an Apollo PRISM card.
  • All medical records will be scanned and uploaded by helpful representatives at Apollo PRISM.
  • Thereafter, to access and import your medical records online, visit and login to your PRISM account on the homepage using your given username and secured password.
  • From now on, wherever you may travel, or visit whichever doctor you may visit, be assured that your medical records are just a click away.

For more details, please call our customer helpline at 040-60601066.