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Mixed Sprout Roll
Chef Bhuban Mohan Mridha with Dr Suneetha
Category:    Vegetarian

Mixed sprouts - Available in supermarkets, generally. Alternatively, you can make some yourself in a sprout maker with any grain you want. Just remember to soak them for at least 8 - 10 hrs prior to use.


  1. Take the sprouts and soak in chilled water to hydrate the sprouts for half an hour. Drain.
  2. Mix julienne onion and tomato with a hint of lemon juice, salt and coriander leaves.
  3. Roll the chapathi into approx 18 cm diameter and cook well in a griddle with a little oil.
  4. Put in the stuffing and lo! It’s ready to eat
Calories: Approximately 160kilocalories

For the dough:

Whole wheat 30 gm

55 percent of the wheat

Salt 2 gm

For the stuffing

Mixed Sprouts 35 gm

15 gm (julienne cut)

Lemon Juice 2 ml
Tomato 10 gm (julienne cut)
Coriander leaves One sprig

Apollo Sindoori Hotels’ Executive Chef Bhuban Mohan Mridha supervises three quick takeaway snacks. Nutritionist Dr. Sunnetha affirms that they are good for lean muscle.

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