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 Main Course & One Pot Meals - Vegetarian

Pad Pak Ruam Mit Stir Fry Vegetables
Chef Paum Xinsurapan
Category:   Vegetarian 

  1. Clean Pok Choi and cut into big dices – keep in cold water to keep crispy
  2. Heat oil in a wok (high flame)
  3. Sauté chopped garlic / ginger juliennes till brown
  4. Add all chopped vegetables and cherry tomatoes and stir for a few minutes
  5. Add a little water to soften vegetables lightly
  6. Add oyster sauce, soya sauce, sugar, salt and white pepper and simmer for a while
  7. Cook till water is evaporated
  8. Serve hot in a flat bowl


Fresh Pok Choi

80 gm= 12 Kcal

Red bell pepper – diced

40 gm=15 Kcal

Yellow bell pepper – diced

40 gm=15 Kcal

Button mushrooms – halved

50 gm=15 Kcal

Cherry tomato

30 gm= 08 Kcal

Baby corns – diced

40 gm= 12 Kcal

Ginger juliennes

10 gm

Garlic freshly chopped       

1 tsp

Oyster sauce

1 tbsp

Soya sauce    

½ tbsp

Sugar 5 gm = 20 Kcal
Pepper powder white ½ tsp
Salt to taste
Refined oil 30 ml

Approximate Calorie Content            = 350 - 400 Kcal
Chef Paum Xinsurapan works with the Oriental Pavilion at Fortune Manohar, Hyderabad

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