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 Main Course & One Pot Meals

Anju Podar

Method: Add ghee to the flour. Mix well.
  1. Make stiff dough with wheat flour, ghee and a
    pinch of salt. Keep aside. Grind the phuta channa
    daal to a coarse powder.
  2. In a pan, heat a little ghee. Fry this powder. Add the spices and sprinkle a little water with the hand to hold the powder together. Keep aside to use as filing to the baatis.
  3. Make balls out of the dough. Use the filling in some of the balls for variety. Cook on slow open flame (in an angeethi on coal), or bake in a tandoor on low flame. Serve hot after dipping in ghee, with daal.

To serve 6

Wheat flower  ---   200 gms
Ghee   ---   50 gms
Salt  ---   a pinch
Sattu (phuta chana daal)  ---   100 gms
Salt  ---   a pinch
Chilli powder

Anju Podar's recipes have been prepared by Executive Chef Bhuban Mohan Mridha Apollo Health City, Hyderabad

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