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 Environmental Health & Green Living

Six measures you can take to reduce global warming, because every drop of
water makes an ocean.
Plastic is involved in processing, packaging, storing, cooking and re-heating food,
and studies establish that plastics are leached into food when in contact with it.
The ubiquitous eggplant, accounting for 9 percent of total vegetable production,
threatens to become India’s first genetically modified food crop.
Who benefits from GM foods – farmers, consumers or the environment?
Or is it really a case of none of the above?
Teflon coated cookware must be used with caution as the toxicity agent in it
degenerates at high temperatures and makes it a health hazard.
Does the pursuit of the green dream make organic farming a viable solution?
Find out as researchers, environmentalists, other stakeholders and
even the everyday citizen express their views.


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