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Unleash the Purple Magic:
The Nutrition in Purple Colored Fruits and Vegetables

B Positive Content Team

A nutritional approach would be inexpensive and a healthy way for our wellbeing. Eating locally available fresh fruits and vegetables is one great secret to good health.

We explore the benefits of purple fruits and vegetables like the Indian Blackberry (jamuns), purple grapes and eggplants (brinjals or baingans).

Indian Blackberry or Jamun

Tradition: Ancient Indian texts such as the Panchatantra Tales have quoted this fruit in parables, and have over and over again specified its medicinal significance. Childhood memories for Indians, moreover, wouldn’t be incomplete without the mention of jamuns.

Where they are grown: Some common places where the Jamun is found in the Indian subcontinent are in parts of India, Sri Lanka, the Andaman Islands and Indonesia. Common names for jamun are java plum; black plum, jambul and Indian blackberry.

Season: The tree blossoms in March-April with fragrant greenish white flowers in branched clusters, and bears purplish-black and oval shaped edible berries.

Health benefits: The fruit is used as an effective medicine for diabetes, heart and liver-related health problems. It has properties which prevent excessive urination or sweating, and it is also a thirst-quencher and blood-purifier. The juice of the fruit is believed to be a diuretic and gives a soothing effect on the human digestive system. The seeds and bark of jamun plants are in extensive use in Ayurveda (especially for diabetics), Unani and in the Chinese system of Medicine.

Calories: The jamun fruit forms 70 per cent of the edible portion of the whole fruit. Glucose and fructose are the principal sugars in the ripe fruit. It is a good source of minerals and is low calorie. About 100 gm of the edible portion has 62 kcal with 14 gm of carbohydrates.

Easy recipes: In India, it is a common sight to see people enjoying Jamuns with sprinkled salt, or after marinating them in buttermilk for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Deep Purple: Jamun Smoothie

Very Berry: Jamun Drink

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