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The Zodiac and the Human Body

Y Venkatraam

Marriage, some say, is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Whether you choose to dumb down marriage or not, here are 10 ayuvedic treatments girls should resolve to have before that special day.
By knowing about them, we can take necessary, precautionary measures to minimize or avoid future damage to health. The suggested remedies constitute the astrological ‘vaccine’ based on the writer’s practice over the years.
This magnificent first sign of the zodiac reflects ‘action’. The physical vitality of all other signs can be assessed when Aries is taken as the bench mark. Aries, ruled by planet Mars, represents the head, brain, face and eyes. It also refers to heat, inflammation and fever. People under this sun sign are prone to headaches, injuries to the head and face, besides sudden fevers with high temperatures. Temperamentally, anger is the worst trait of Arians. They should regulate their argumentative nature. Otherwise, they may score points but lose people. They get highly stressed due to anger, in turn leading to hyper tension, blood pressure and severe headaches.

A small glass of milk that’s not boiled, with a drop of honey and without sugar, taken regularly at bed time, is a good remedy.

Taurus is a graceful feminine sign ruled by planet Venus, and stands for ‘reaction’. Though people of this sign are generally kind-hearted and generous, yet they tend to be ‘bull-headed’ in approach and attitude. Medically, Taurus represents the throat, neck, thyroid glands, the vocal tract and tonsils. It also rules the gums and the middle ear. People of this sign are prone to sore throats, thyroid irregularities and other neck problems. They can have better mental health by tempering their ‘reactions’ to others with more grace and subtlety. Regularly incorporating dry fruits in their diet and avoiding pop, soda and artificially coloured food can help reduce the impact of health problems.

It is an unpredictable, dual-natured sign ruled by planet Mercury. It symbolizes ‘living in the moment’. Impulsive, quick-changing, unstable, yet highly intelligent. This sign refers to shoulders, arms, hands and lungs. This sign is also associated with communication and connectivity, thereby rules over the nervous system. Geminis are generally impatient. They seek instant results, this being the reason why some of the greatest gamblers and worst losers fall under this sign.
‘Smoking’ is extremely dangerous for this sign. All intoxicants should be avoided. Regular physical exercise is a must to keep lungs and the nervous system in order.
It is a watery sign ruled by the Moon. It stands for ‘mind and moods’. Exceedingly sensitive (often hyper-sensitive) and insecure from within, they never want to hurt anybody. To avoid hurting others, they often withdraw into a deep imaginative world of their own creation. Temperamentally, they swing from extreme dependence to extreme defiance. Medically, Cancer rules over all cavities in our body such as the chest cavity, the stomach, the breasts and the uterus. It also rules mucous membranes. Acidity, indigestion, and in women, problems related to the reproductive system are common. ‘Mind over matter’ sums up Cancerians’ characteristics and that sets them apart in comparison to all the signs.

If those who belong to this sign can control their mood-swings through meditation or other mind control techniques, then their physical and mental health would be in perfect harmony
It is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. It symbolizes ‘energy’. People of this sign are very dynamic and enthusiastic in whatever they do. Leo generates great energy in body and mind. If there is no proper outlet for this energy, they become resentful, boastful and tend to destroy the mental peace of their partners too. Leo rules the muscular portion of the heart, the spine and the middle back. They are prone to suffer from backaches, and in rare cases, heart problems too. Many of the consequences of modern lifestyle habits are associated with this sign.

Regular work, timely food and adequate sleep sums up the health mantra Leos should chant.
It is a feminine sign ruled by Mercury. It represents ‘analytical ability’ that borders on fault-finding in others. People of this sign are very intelligent, but too particular and conscious of smaller details. Hence they lose out on the bigger picture of any super structure. Virgo rules the liver, small intestines and the pancreas. As they seek perfection in everything, they become too critical of others. They find inter-personal relationships hard to handle.

Inherently, they are less content with life, and most of their health disorders are due to this inner ‘sadness’. Their health will be good if they can cultivate a joyful nature.



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