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Tarot Reading for the year 2011

Maa Gyan Suveera


The path to success is arduous and if not so, it is not well deserved. You receive with grace, rewards and showering for the hard work and toiling you do from the year beginning. The mid year is extremely remunerative and profitable. Relationships are supporting and in fact extremely sharing almost all through the year. Money remains in control, though around the third quarter of the year, you might face some stagnation in the flow. Health demands attention and discipline in the first half.

You wish to resolve peaceful settlement of all pending matters relating to work and business. There are monetary pressures and decisions to be taken around the beginning of the year. Health also needs attention since there is a rising Air Element in the health sector. The period after June, seems more progressive as the Water Element stabilises both, the work and health sector. Relationships are steady, supporting and nurturing. Finances need careful handling around the mid year.

The relationship sector takes all your attention in the year beginning. There is rejoicing and celebrating on one hand, and a deep fear of losing everything on the other hand. Those who stand by you in all times are worth giving a lot of attention, the rest deserve maybe just a glance. Matters of work and finance are luckily safe and progressive. You may gain through speculative means by the mid year. Investments made in the past are profiting. Work zone is extremely progressive around July-August. Health sector remains steady.

The New Year dawns with the grounding Energy of the Earth, creating an overall safety and security for the Arians this year. The first few months of the year see you spending and investing largely, with a strong conviction of doing it right. There seems lot of creative avenues opening up by the mid-year. The last four months are extremely rewarding work wise and money wise. Health remains steady all through the year, watch your weight and minor falls around the mid-year.

Karmic lessons have to be learnt in whichever way nature presents them to us. The year begins with frequent ups and downs in moods and finances. There are indications of the past scripts being replayed for you to probably accept and renew things in a new way. The mid-year is contemplative and silent, steady work wise. The last quarter of the year is not only rewarding but extremely refreshing for relationships and work. Guard against evil intent and negative company, especially in the first few months of the year.

Adjustments, reconciliations, acceptance and becoming softer -- these are your major challenges this year. Money wise you seem wiser than the previous year, financially abundant and fulfilled. The health sector calls for discipline and food regulation, you may suffer some minor illness in the beginning of the year. You take on a fresh way of looking at self, and there is surely a positive vibrant change in your overall work and personal sector. As the year progresses, things get even better and much under your control.

Stretching out beyond the horizons is the spirit you have in work this year beginning. The stars support new ventures, collaborations and even mergers. The Fire element along with strong positive major Arcana drawn for you indicates a highly intellectual approach to dealing with life situations. Relationships, though very time consuming, are smartly handled and are blissfully enjoyable around the mid year. Money wise, the year offers challenges in the beginning and showers of rewards by the year end. Health sector is quiet and unaffected by the vagaries.

There is stress and guilt thrust upon you in the beginning two months of the year. Though you know how to handle things and take control of situations, you let the forces take their toll, and do the needful by March. The first half of the year therefore is strongly contemplative, introspective and certainly evolutionary. You achieve new levels of detachment, higher efficiency in work, smart handling of money and relationships. The spirit of aloneness walks in his own glow, lighting the self-drawn path to success. Health is in top form despite all ups and downs.

The New Year begins with a hope of fulfillment as the past few months have been very trying personally. You reach a compromise within, and understand things vis-à-vis a new dimension. The period ahead is materially grounded, safe dealings in money and business, and quite rewarding in the other half of the year. The Master in you is awakened in the last quarter of the year making you appear extremely deep and silent. Those of you working in training and teaching fields will see remarkable progress this year. Your health cards appear balanced throughout the year.

You break through a major block in your career or business which seemed immovable for the past few months. The first quarter of the year sees you clearing pending issues, payments and making fresh resolutions for the coming times. The period is good money wise, though expenses are quiet overboard especially around May-June. Health needs a watchful eye in the other half of the year since there is an indication of excessive Air Element rising around this time. Relationships are supporting and strengthening throughout this year.

Stretched out and receiving, you begin this year with a blissful high in the Water Element. There is love and appreciation in abundance, excellence in work and finances, and a perfect balance of mind and body. The mid-year could get a little hectic with unplanned travel and overseas collaboration. The third quarter experiences immense learning through pressures and targets in the work field. Relationships are soulful, fulfilling and joyous. It's a year of good fortune indeed!

The two very practical Earth Cards emerge for you as cards for long lasting prosperity this year. You maintain a very practical outlook in work and business, outsmart competitors, and seem to be in a win-win situation in the year beginning. Mid year is a time for spreading out your wings and taking a flight in a different direction. You may start new ventures or take up new responsibilities during this period. Health suffers a bit around the year end due to neglect and overtiring errands. Relationships are by and large, very co-operating and accommodating.

Maa Gyaan Suveera is a renowned Tarot reader and a spiritual guide-mentor. She heads the "Ki Research & Training Institute" in Rishikesh, where more than 50 different Indian, Western and Zen practices are taught. She conducts Wellness and Transformation retreats at different levels and has been guiding people on the self-healing-path, giving love, light and peace to one and all.

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