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The Pranic Way of Detoxing
Vidisha Bhattacharjee
Detoxification is not just confined to the realms of our physical body. Our body is actually composed of two parts – the dense physical body and the subtle bioplasmic energy body or aura, which has been rediscovered by modern science with gadgets like the Kirlian camera.

The aura is the electromagnetic field – luminous energy body that interpenetrates and extends beyond the physical body. Emotions and thoughts are generated within this many-layered energy body which affects our physical body. Thus detoxification at these levels are also essential.

The Canadian physician and medical historian Sir William Osler opined that the outcome of tuberculosis had more to do with what went on in the patient’s mind than what went on in his lungs. He was in a way echoing Hippocrates, who said he would rather know what sort of person has a disease than what sort of disease a person has.

The negative aspect

  • We can change the body by dealing with how we feel. If we ignore our despair, the body receives a “die” message. If we deal with our pain and seek help, then the message the body gets is “living is difficult but desirable,” and the immune system works to keep us alive.
  • Our emotional and mental condition plays a vital role on our physical health. Uncontrolled and suppressed emotions and feelings such as anger, worry, prolonged irritation and frustrations have undesirable potent effects on the energy body.
  • Anger and intense worry devitalize the whole energy body so that the body becomes susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Negative emotions cause disturbances in the energy body making the whole physical body become sick.
Easy ways to maintain hygiene
  • Sweat it out with your favourite exercise: Regular exercising helps expel the accumulated toxins, keeps the joints flexible and enhances the flow of energy in the body. Go ahead with aerobics, yoga, Tai Chi or dancing. But don’t overdo anything.
    Say no to bad habits like smoking, drinking, and consumption of hallucinogenic drugs which block the meridians or energy channels, make the energy body dirty and affect the physical health in multiple adverse ways.
  • Laugh and spread laughter: Do we need scientific researches to believe that laughter makes us feel good? Besides all the physiological benefits like lung exercise, improvement of circulation,
  • muscle exercise and so on, a good hearty laugh (not necessarily at the  expense of others) opens up the heart, and in the process, considerable amount of accumulated stress, tension and worry (all of which are toxins in energy form) can find their way out making room for an upbeat mood.
  • Clean out the toxins at emotional and mental levels. You generate millions of thoughts and emotions throughout the day. Also take into account the vast cloud of emotions and thoughts generated by other people floating all around you. Not all of them are very positive. Thus you need to take a two-fold action – get rid of the existing garbage regularly and reduce the chance of their accumulation.  Sounds tough? Don’t worry, there are easy ways.
Pranic Healing
A no-drug, no-touch complementary therapy, this works on the energy level to remove obstructions and blockages of the energy body and enhance the flow of fresh prana or life force. According to pranic healing, negative attitude is the most critical factor in severe ailments.
Being habitually critical, angry or irritable is very unhygienic bad for health in the long run. Regular pranic healing treatment helps in getting rid of the accumulated stress, which often
is the root cause of most ailments and strengthens the energy body, enhancing immunity at all levels. Meditation on Twin Heart – a 30- minute non-sectarian dynamic meditation, is an extremely effective process to regulate unwanted emotions and thoughts, and strengthen the
energy body. In this meditation, we offer ourselves as instruments of peace, love, joy and light. The tremendous amount of energy generated by this meditation flushes out the negativities
and stress from our aura and revitalizes us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Scientific benefits of meditation on twin hearts as observed:
  • Heart rate and breathing rate reduces by 15-20% q Oxygen level increases
  • You feel calm, relaxed and energized
  • Increased synchrony between right and left brain
  • Clearer thoughts, increased concentration and focus, and sharper mental faculties v Increase of neurohormones serum serotonin plasma melatonin(feel good hormones) upto 300%
  • You feel peaceful, relaxed, happy and calm
It is said that the best way to be happy ourselves is to bring a smile on another face. And that can be done in multiple ways. Apart from financial contribution to any charitable cause of your choice, you can give your precious time and utilize your resources to stand by those who need your support. According to Dr. Bernie Siegel MD, author of Love, Medicine Miracles, people who volunteer for activities live longer, healthier lives than those who don’t. So do optimists. The efforts of reaching out with a helping hand and an open heart will help you connect to the flow of “universal life” in a better way, keep toxins away and reveal your inner beauty like never before.

Vidisha Bhattacharjee
is a Certified Pranic Healer Trustee, Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of West Bengal

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