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March 2011
Chubby Cheeks, Dimple Chin
Dimple Creation Surgery
Dr. Naveen Rao
Blame it on the nursery rhyme,if you’d like. The one which says that to be the teacher’s pet, you need to have a lot of physical attributes,including a dimple chin. Surgery can create dimples today, thankfully -though most don’t prefer it on the chin.

Dimples are defects or gaps in the buccinator muscle or other muscles of facial expression.If the skin overlying this small defect is stuck down to the underlying connective tissue, it creates a dimple in the skin, with facial animation (that is what doctors call smiling, by the way).Though cheeks are the most common place for dimples, they can occur in the chin and lower back too.

Dimples are mostly vertical, though round ones also exist. Most dimples appear while smiling; dimples of a few will be visible while at rest too. Natural dimples would mostly be present on only one cheek - most often on left side.

Before we proceed to the rest of the article, here is the statement in writing: It is indeed possible to create dimples.This surgery is very simple and straight forward, when done properly. Dimples can be created at any location; however, they mostly look good when in line with the mouth.

Why Would Anyone Want A Dimple?
  • Most of our clients state that one of their siblings or close friends has a dimple, so they want it too, if possible.You guessed it right – it’s mostly women who want a dimple created.
  • Young couples actually gift a dimple to their significant other, on special occasions – like on the Valentine’s Day last month, or the third anniversary of their first kiss, or... you get the idea, right?
  • Since the voyeur/audience is partial to those with dimples, models and actors get one to brighten a smile and add “character”.
  • There are also some who think that dimples are a sign of good luck and prosperity.
Making the Cut
  • It is good to keep your mouth clean before the surgery - an oral antiseptic mouthwash could be started on two days before the procedure. Tablets like Aspirin have to be stopped two days in advance.
  • Under local or general anaesthesia, a small incision or punch will be made inside the mouth.The muscle will be removed up to inner layer of the outside skin.
  • A small stitch is passed through the inside of the cheek through the muscle.It catches the under surface of the inner portion of the outer skin and comes out through the other side of the muscle again. The depth of the dimple can be controlled at the same time.
  • When the stitches are tied,a dimple is made!
  • Each side will take about 30 to 45 minutes.One can return home immediately after the procedure, without any hospitalisation.
  • The first few weeks after surgery is called the fallout period. The request for reversal/unhappiness will be more during this period. During this time, the dimple will be present both while at rest and while smiling. Once the stitch dissolves, the dimple will appear only while smiling.
  • The stitch does not have to be removed; it dissolves away.
  • There will not be any cut or scar outside (unlike in the old methods).
  • One can have normal food after the procedure.However oral hygiene is important, the mouth should be rinsed after each feed with oral antiseptic mouthwash lotion for some time.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The dimple will look natural, though it may take a few weeks to settle down. If you feel that the dimple is very shallow or very deep, it can be corrected. And, here’s the good part: if you don’t like the dimple, the process is reversible! But think about it well, because the bill for that will be separate. Since the skin of Asians sag less (in comparison with others), the dimple will stay in the original position even as one ages.

Exception to the Rule
Complications are mostly temporary like swelling, bruising, minor weakness and infection due to lack of oral hygiene.Very rarely,the suture holding the dimple may break early, in which case the procedure needs to be repeated. The patient would require antibiotics and pain killers for five days.

You can resume normal activity on the same day of the surgery, if you won’t be bothered much with the swelling. And then proceed to become the next Dimple Kapadia (or PreityZinta, for today’s generation).
  Dr.Naveen Rao Cosmetric and Plastic Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Bengaluru

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