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 Smoking, Drinking & Addiction

January 2012
7 tips to Quit Smoking
Vidya Singh
Hamlet had a far more profound dilemma to deal with than we have here. 'To smoke or not to smoke', is a question that has probably been in the minds of people ever since early man rolled up a couple of tobacco leaves, lit up and puffed on!

The very basic question to a non-smoker is, why would anyone want to puff on anything – be it a cigarette, a cigarillo or a cigar? It leaves you with a foul taste and foul breath, clogs up your lungs and leaves them damaged permanently them

But this is just semantics to a smoker, as it has been proved that tobacco is addictive and it holds the smoker in its stranglehold. What we need to do is to see if we can kick the habit and put it away for the rest of our life. It has been proved medically that you can halt the damage to lungs once you give it up, but it is impossible to recoup from the damage that is already done.

Tips to Quit Smoking
  • Make up your mind that you really want to give up smoking and do it for
    the right reasons.
  • Realise the harm that you are doing to yourself as a smoker.
  • Understand that the BIG C is right behind you, like the shadow that is
    probably in your lungs by now.
  • Get help from anyone who is qualified. From nicotine patches to hypnotherapy, meditation to medicines, fake cigarettes to wrist bands there is plenty of help.
  • Get your friends to pitch in and actively help you to stop.
  • Every time you get an urge to smoke and you feel you may cave in, get up and do something else to distract yourself till that craving diminishes.
  • It is the power of mind over matter; you need to have or develop that will power to stop yourself from reaching out to pick up that next cigarette.
Exercise is probably one of the best ways to give up smoking! Once you begin an exercise regime, you will find that the urge to smoke lessens. As you jog, walk or swim, you will find that your lungs fill up with oxygenated air, bringing freshness to your entire being.

Giving up any habit rests with you and the choice is entirely yours to make. It is imperative to understand the dangers of smoking and the need to root it out of your system. So make the choice to quit smoking now!

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