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The High Phi to Beauty

Chitra Sanam with Dr Bhartendu Swain

Beauty lies in the Phi of the beholder said Leonardo Da Vinci. If you can add, subtract or do whatever it takes to get the mathematical Phi right – which is a perfect ratio of 1:1.618, then you would transform yourself into Cinderella or Prince Charming, if you aren’t one already.

Bogged down by the number crunch? We were, but plastic surgeon Dr Bharatendu Swain deciphers, “If the face is proportionately divided into exactly three parts – forehead to root of the nose, from the root of the nose to the upper lip and from the upper lip to the chin, then that defines attractiveness,” he says.

That’s just one of the many calculations, he shares, that are used to define beauty. But is all beauty purely a mathematical formula? Thankfully, no! There’s more chemistry involved. Read on to find out the sum total of what tallies with good looks.

Five pointers that spell beauty

Big B vs Abhishek Bachchan
It’s not just skin and bones, with facial tissue draped in between that gives beauty to an individual. Take for instance Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan. Whether we like it or not, we all get roped into the discussion on who’s more charismatic of the two. If you were to put Big B’s picture under Dr Swain’s surgical lens, countless flaws would surface. But Abhishek Bachchan, on the other hand, would emerge perfect, since his features have just the right proportions.

But in reality, a different equation arises as the Godfather of Indian cinema has far more expressive features. Be it the aperture of his eye, myriad nuances of his expressions, even the opening and closing of his eyelids win him more points. “It’s the ‘dynamism’ in one’s face that overshadows one’s perception of beauty. One must remember that we are not a 2-dimensional photograph, but are 3-dimesnsional individuals in motion,” remarks Dr Swain.

Facial harmony is another pointer. Features must blend in or stand apart, not stick out on the face. Most Caucasians are known for their very sharp, big noses, but sometimes that either attracts of distracts the eye. Owen Wilson is a case in point. His nose does stick out and has been the butt of most jokes in Hollywood, but he still gets passed off as cute and stunning because other features take precedence. Like the twinkle in his eyes or his warm smile and his winning personality!

Eye spice
One thumb rule for beautiful eyes is that the space between the two eyes should be the size of one eye. But again, that alone wouldn’t assure beautiful eyes. “Did you know that you could smile with your eyes?” asks Dr Swain. It might take some careful scrutiny to tune into that but that’s what’s enchanting about the eyes and not just the proportions. Among the cosmetic treatments available for the eyes is aesthetic surgery that tightens the upper and lower lids of the eye.

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