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Plastic Surgery in Delhi
Dr Shahin Nooreyezdan


What is it all about?

Plastic surgery is a specialised branch of surgery concerned with the repair of deformities and the correction of functional and cosmetic deficits.

The term plastic is derived from the Greek word “plastikos”, meaning “fit for moulding”. Hence in most countries, the term plastic surgery designates the specialty.

A sense of form and an innate ability to make an aesthetic judgement are critical qualities for the plastic surgeon to possess. Plastic surgery was essentially reconstructive (i.e. birth defects and post injury deformities), until the turn of this century. It is only recently that a distinction has arisen between aesthetic (cosmetic) and reconstructive surgery. Sir Harold Gilles, the father of modern plastic surgery, has defined reconstructive surgery as an attempt to restore the individual to normal and aesthetic surgery an attempt to surpass the normal.

Origin of Plastic Surgery

The origins of plastic surgery can be found in India, where the famed practitioner Sushruta (circa. 600 BC) described operations for the reconstruction of the nose and the earlobes in the Sushruta Samhita. Knowledge of these operations travelled to Rome through the Persian, Greek, Arab and Christian communities in India. Plastic surgery as discipline has since evolved over the centuries to its current modern form, where there is reconstructive solution for almost any problem in the human body.

The Scope of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be defined as a problem solving surgical discipline. It is unique in that it spans the entire body and does not have a defined anatomic area. The plastic surgeon extends his surgical activities, not only to the skin, but also to locations as diverse as the face, hands, neck, limbs, chest, abdomen, breasts and the scalp. The two arms of plastic surgery are reconstructive surgery and aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery.

Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery

This has become a legitimate and integral component of plastic surgery, wherein, an attempt is made to make a normal person look and feel better. Because of the psychological component in the patient’s motivation for this type of corrective surgery, the indications for surgery should be carefully evaluated. The psychologic and often vocational gains resulting from aesthetic surgery, whether large or small, often have a considerable impact on the patient’s lifestyle. Procedures like liposuctions (fat removal), tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), breast enhancement, breast reduction, male breast removal, nose jobs (rhinoplasty), scar revisions, facelifts and hair transplants are the mainstay of this field.
Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery encompasses reconstructing birth defects, post injury and burn deformities, cancer reconstructions, treating burn patients, hand surgery and maxillofacial surgery. A recent advance is the development of microvascular surgery as a specialty within the field of reconstructive surgery. It is now possible to re-attach amputated parts of the body like fingers, hands, limbs and ears.
Dr.Shahin Nooreyezdan is a senior consultant - Plastic surgery at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

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