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January 2011
Magneto therapy as a Complementary Therapy for Cancer Treatment
Dr Panchali Moitra
Cancer management encompasses various facets of conventional and complementary therapies which work along with dietary and behavioural modifications to treat the cancer patients.

While modern science treats by use of anti-cancer drugs and radiations; alternative medical science heals the tumour from the within and effectively alleviates the associated discomforts too. Among the complementary streams of cancer therapy, magneto therapy has emerged as a powerful therapeutic tool for cancer management.

Magnetic Body
Magneto therapy refers to the system of treatment of various diseases by application of magnets to the diseased parts of the body. The science works based on the belief that the body is an electromagnetic machine and that every single cell in the body behaves like an electrical unit with a magnetic field of its own. The magnets of varying sizes, strengths and polarities work by interacting with the magnetic fields already existing inside our bodies and through its action on the atomic constitution of cells present in body fluids like blood. As the application of magnets help in regulating the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems of the body; they complement the use of medicines by creating a better field in the body.

How it Works
The therapeutic effect of the magnetic field on the body system can be illustrated as below:
  • Secretion of hormones and efficiency of the endocrine glands are improved.
  • The oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is enhanced as the magnetic flux created in the blood leads to an increase in the number of RBCs.
  • The tissues get rejuvenated and the process of building of new healthy cells is initiated.
  • The magnetic fields exercise a stabilising and calming effect on the nerves, thus reducing cancer induced mental stress and anxiety.
Killing The Killer
For cancer patients, the magnetic treatments help by imparting a magnetic field on the cancer cells and increasing cell oxygenation. Since it becomes difficult for the cancerous cells to thrive in an unfavourable oxygen rich environment, they start dying. The selected north pole of the magnet is applied on the cancer site, typically for duration of 10-20 minutes per day, depending on the age, severity of cancer and the health condition of the patient. Magnetised water prepared with North Pole may also be applied for cancer patients. Some may feel a light tingling sensation while others may feel sleepy, a warmth or heaviness in the head and dryness in the throat after the therapy. Applying South Pole of the ceramic magnets or magnetized water must be strictly avoided as it may adversely affect the condition and increase the severity of the tumour and its symptoms.

An important point to note is that cancer treatment is a complex phenomenon and the use of magnets must be only used as a complementary mode of treatment and never as a substitute to the traditional allopathic or radiation cancer treatment. Magneto therapy is indeed a science of great importance and is bound to have far reaching influence on the traditional practice of medicine by preventing illness, curing diseases including cancer, and also promoting general health.
Dr. Panchali Moitra is a Nutrition Expert, Weight Management Consultant and Specialist in Alternative Medicine.

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