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Health Assessment Scans
Health Scan is a novel concept in India, and Apollo Life is a first mover in this space. It is perhaps the only Wellness Company in the country that has achieved more than 60,000 clients in a course of one year. With rising healthcare and insurance costs and very high attrition rates, corporates as well as individuals look for solutions that can help decrease the healthcare expenses. Wellness solutions are perceived as perks by individual clients that can help them to improve their efficiency levels as well.

Apollo Hospitals has pioneered health checks across its network of hospitals, which has proved to be a very positive and preventive step to defend oneself against disease and disability. Apollo Life, the wellness arm of the Group, has gone on to pioneer the concept of Health Assessment Scans because of the need for a more holistic completion to the fundamental concept of identifying and correcting modifiable risk factors that cause lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

While a medical check identifies existing ailments, it does not warn of risk of future ailments or provide holistic advice on ways to reduce existing ailments. In other words, a medical check is incomplete without lifestyle assessment and suggested modification.

The Apollo Life Health Assessment Scan is an online scan available at all Health Check counters across the Apollo network of hospitals. It gives healthcare consumers an individualized and holistic prescription to eliminate lifestyle health risks, and leads them to enjoy a healthier life in mind, body and spirit.

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